How You Can Disable DHCP On A Belkin Router

The guide intends to assist owners understand the way to turn off DHCP on a Belkin router. The method discussed here’s correct and simple until date. It’s still recommended you stick to the instructions accurately. It’ll basically save you enough time and money which would usually be spent on speaking to whatsmyrouterip for the Belkin router assistance services.

Do you are looking to turn off the DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) feature on it? Effectively, you might want to do it due to a few factors like creating your wireless router as an access point, switch, or maybe stressed network or maybe VOIP problems among various other items. Thinking about the reality which you are needing assistance, we’ve created an extensive manual which is going to walk you through the process of disabling DHCP on your Belkin router by yourself and without the assistance of Belkin tech support.


Connect your computer straight to the Belkin router with an Ethernet cable. Plug one end of the Ethernet cable into personal computer and work its opposite end into among the 4 LAN ports (located at the back) of the wireless router. When done, link to the web and open the internet browser of yours as Internet Explorer etc or maybe firefox. Type’′ or’ http://′ (with no quotes and as is) in the address bar on the internet browser and hit Enter on the rii.

This can help you move with the router’s login page. Type in the username and password within the respective fields and click Login after which the Submit button. In case you never ever changed the username and password, then these should be sandals that initially came together with your wireless router docs. Check the docs of yours for the reference in case you do not remember the information. It should also be saved in your mind that Belkin routers are delivered with no password. Therefore there’s number password to be joined in the Password field unless you’ve included it.